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Bonaire easy diving

Diving media is fascinated with diving deep, exploring wrecks at the edge of human endurance and they seem to have forgotten the fun of diving. You know the sort of thing. The type of diving when you can throw a tank on your back and walk into warm clear coral and fish filled water. The […]

Diving Raja Ampat – life on the line

By Gavin Parsons Charles Darwin is revered, Edward Wallace is a biologist’s pin-up, but Richard Lydekker is largely forgotten, which is a shame because for divers, his discovery gives us reason to dive Raja Ampat. Lydekker was a biogeographer: a scientist who studies where animals live. A modern day biogeographer might study the lionfish invasion […]

Swimming with Donsol’s Whale Sharks

By Gavin Parsons Non – Divers like to ask questions. What’s the deepest you’ve been? Where’s your favourite place to dive? Have you seen any sharks and were you scared? Most of the time my answers are understandable by even the biggest landlubber, but when someone starts talking about scary sharks, I always stop them […]

Jordan, an exotic jewel

By Gavin Parsons What do the films Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger have in common? The answer is Jordan’s City of Petra. The ancient desert city is used as a setting by each one. More precisely, the famous Al Khazneh temple, […]

Oman – where megafauna plays

By Gavin Parsons Around the world opportunities for true exploration diving are dwindling. Dive sites are being named, mapped and filmed with a GoPro and put on Youtube. But there is a place not too far away with a diving reputation that is due to explode onto the world Diving stage. That Diving in Oman.  […]

Diving Komodo, the Island of dragons

Best time to dive the Komodo National Park is fast approaching By Gavin Parsons Dragons are a bit of a human fascination. So how would you like to dive around an island ruled by Dragons? I’m not talking about Cressida Cowell’s Island of Berk from the How to Train Your Dragon books and films, but […]

Best Borneo Dive Sites

The third largest island in the world, Borneo divides its land between three countries: Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei, with the Malaysian territories forming the states of Sabah and Sarawak. Malaysian Borneo is renowned for offering some of the island’s best dive-sites but quality encounters can be experienced in all three countries. For a quick guide […]

Dive Chuuk Lagoon

To dive Chuuk Lagoon is to enter, quite possibly, the greatest underwater museum on the planet. Chuuk State (formerly known as Truk) lies in the Western Pacific, somewhere between Hawaii and Papua New Guinea. You have to zoom right in on Google-maps to realise that this clutch of coral islands even exists, but they actually […]

Bunaken Dive Sites

Bunaken is one of those exceptional patches on the planet that seems as if it was tailor-made for scuba-diving. A small island just off the coast of Sulawesi, in the Indonesian archipelago, divers from all four corners of the planet flock here throughout the year to indulge in its underwater treasures. Just what is it […]

Chuuk Liveaboard

To discover the largest collection of WWII wrecks on the planet, head over to the Western Pacific and book yourself on a Chuuk Liveaboard. Northeast of Papua new Guinea lies one of the world’s largest lagoons, where 822 square miles of tropical waters are enclosed by a circle of barrier reef. Within this safe-haven, an […]

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