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3 must-visit Galapagos dive sites

Galapagos is the second largest marine reserve in the world, home to an undersea environment fuelled by both cold and warm currents. Natural diversity is everywhere; to find it under the waves you’ll need a liveaboard and a captain who knows these waters well. To help you find your way, here are 3 sites that should […]

How to make an ‘Atoll’ and where you can dive them

It’s a phenomena of nature. An incredible feature of tropical and sub-tropical waters that few people know much about – and perhaps there’s a few divers who could know a little more too… An atoll is the ring-shaped coral that once surrounded a volcanic island, after the island has receded into the sea. The process […]

Scuba Diving with Komodo Dragons. Really?

Well, not exactly. It’s not the latest YouTube sensation where divers strap Komodo dragons to their cylinders… The Komodo National Park in Indonesia is known for much more than its dragons, and if you’re a scuba diver it has to be on your bucket list. Diving the Komodo National Park Above water the national park […]

How to live underwater and not be a Bond villain!

Underwater villages are not just the stuff of Bond movies, in fact living under the ocean is not as far-fetched as you might think – and unlike planning a move to the moon; we’ve already tried it…. In 1962, the legendary pioneer of scuba diving Jacques Cousteau made his first attempt at an undersea ‘home’. […]

Galapagos diving

It’s a long way to Tipperary, but it’s even further to the Galapagos. Far as it is though, this tiny archipelago is possibly the most famous natural habitat on the planet. We have a 19th century naturalist to thank for that. And if you have never heard of Charles Darwin, perhaps you are a member of a […]

Swimming with manta rays

By Gavin Parsons “What has a wingspan of up to seven metres?” That was a question in a pub quiz last week and I’m the only one who got it right. Some guessed condor, others golden eagle, but while these birds are impressive they are never going to beat the correct answer – the manta ray. […]

5 Reasons Liveaboard Diving is the Best Way to Spend a Holiday

THE ULTIMATE DIVING FOR GROUPS, FAMILIES OR SINGLE DIVERS 5. MORE SITES IN ONE TRIP Explore more of the region’s waters, islands and dive sites by embarking on a liveaboard safari. Liveaboard diving allows you to make the most of your time in your chosen dive destination, and return home with tales of varied diving experiences […]

Bonaire easy diving

Diving media is fascinated with diving deep, exploring wrecks at the edge of human endurance and they seem to have forgotten the fun of diving. You know the sort of thing. The type of diving when you can throw a tank on your back and walk into warm clear coral and fish filled water. The […]

Diving Raja Ampat – life on the line

By Gavin Parsons Charles Darwin is revered, Edward Wallace is a biologist’s pin-up, but Richard Lydekker is largely forgotten, which is a shame because for divers, his discovery gives us reason to dive Raja Ampat. Lydekker was a biogeographer: a scientist who studies where animals live. A modern day biogeographer might study the lionfish invasion […]

Swimming with Donsol’s Whale Sharks

By Gavin Parsons Non – Divers like to ask questions. What’s the deepest you’ve been? Where’s your favourite place to dive? Have you seen any sharks and were you scared? Most of the time my answers are understandable by even the biggest landlubber, but when someone starts talking about scary sharks, I always stop them […]

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